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Explore our premium selection of towbars, hitches, and accessories designed to ensure safe, reliable towing. Perfect for all your travel needs and adventures on the road.

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Discover our top-quality towbars and towing accessories designed to enhance your vehicle's functionality and performance. With our premium products, you can tackle any towing challenge with ease and confidence.

Whether you're planning a road trip, need to tow heavy loads, or just want to boost your car's capabilities, we have the perfect solutions for you. Ensure your vehicle is ready for any adventure with our reliable, durable, and expertly crafted towing accessories.

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Alister Gullan, BDM

With extensive experience in towbars and vehicle accessories, I specialize in delivering expert solutions customized to your requirements. From initial consultation through to seamless installation, count on my dedication to enhance your vehicle's performance and safety. I prioritize quality, offering top-tier products and exceptional service to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

John Gullan , BDM

With years in towbars and vehicle accessories, I offer expert solutions tailored to your needs. From consultation to installation, trust in my commitment to enhance your vehicle’s functionality and safety with top-quality products and exceptional service.  

Stanley Horn,  Head Technician

He will lead and supervise a dedicated team of technicians in maintaining, repairing, and optimizing [specific equipment or systems] to ensure peak operational efficiency. Your role includes overseeing daily operations, scheduling maintenance tasks, diagnosing and resolving technical issues promptly, and ensuring adherence to safety protocols and industry standards. You will also manage inventory, coordinate equipment upgrades, and provide technical guidance and training to team members.

Ruslan Shyba,  Accessory Fitter

As an Accessory Fitter Ruslan Shyba will be responsible for fitting and installing accessories onto vehicles according to specifications and customer requirements. Your tasks will include interpreting technical drawings and instructions, assembling components, and ensuring the proper functioning of accessories such as audio systems, navigation units, and custom fittings. You will collaborate closely with the sales and service teams to meet customer expectations and maintain high-quality standards.

Installation Team

With extensive experience in fitting towbars and vehicle accessories, our team ensures precision and expertise in every installation. We prioritize your satisfaction, delivering seamless service that enhances your vehicle's functionality and safety. Trust our skilled professionals to handle your installation needs with care and efficiency, ensuring your vehicle is equipped to meet your requirements effectively.